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Jun 7, 2012 2:00pm PDT
. daniel weaver has already let our office know that unfortunately he cannot attend today's rules committee meeting. we do have alexander maleny. ok, if not alexander, scott valkon and then katherine hickey. >> good afternoon, committee members. my name is scott falcon. i'm a resident of the mission terrace neighborhood. i live three blocks away from balboa clark. by education i'm an urban planner. hi profession i've worked for a nonprofit developer for nine years and for the last three years i started my own housing consultant firm. i have two kids in public schools near balboa park. i've been involved in several neighborhood improvement efforts in and around the neighborhood and professionally i have been a part of approximately 2,000 units of affordable house. some involved mix used components. i think a lot about land use and housing and transportation and the environment and open space and neighborhood improvements. so i could be a valuable member of this c.a.c. for those reasons and i'd be excited to put my energy toward the emplets of the c.a.c. and things that the neighbor
Jun 29, 2012 7:30am PDT
fifth testimony, -- the sheriff's testimony, we need to reconsider the fourth paragraph of danielle. then, i want to talk, hopefully briefly, about the additional exhibits the parties submitted. i intend for the sheriff to begin his testimony. are the parties comfortable with that schedule? >> yes. chairperson hur: as far as timing, i am willing to be flexible on when we stop. i do not anticipate this to be a night where we go on forever, because i think the sheriff will obviously be here, and we will be able to continue tomorrow, if necessary. >> we will start -- we were going to stop at 9:00, based on our scheduling conference call. chairperson hur: that is the goal, but we will be flexible based on what the commission felt they could do. >> i think we would prefer to stop at 9:00. we all start to run out of steam. it may make more sense to get back together tonight -- back together tomorrow. there are only three witnesses. i am not counting the sheriff. chairperson hur: ok. richard danielle -- the mayor made a request to reconsider our exclusion apparent rapid -- of paragraphs 72
Jun 18, 2012 12:00am EDT
times" of highly secret materials known as the pentagon papers. these are materials that daniel elsberg had leaks to "the new york times" and "the washington post" and many other newspapers about vietnam decision-making. the nixon administration reacts to this in a very strong way. now, there's no question but that what daniel elsberg did was illegal. the issue was how should the government respond? there are all kinds of legitimate and very important institutions and structures and processes to deal with of violation of the law. the nixon administration, however, chose to establish an intelligence organization within the white house to deal with this. and once they made that decision, there were very serious consequences that would ultimately doom the administration. well, that intelligence organization we know as the plumbers. we know them as the plumbers because they -- one of their co-leaders chose to nickname them the plumbers because they had an office in the basement of the old executive office building. not far from where the facilities managers and other people were loc
Jun 20, 2012 6:00am PDT
richard danielle. >> i would like to make an objection, for the record, commissioner. you have gone paragraph by paragraph through a declaration, based on objections of which we had no notice, without any opportunity for us to comment. i have explanations for why, based on your objections, the testimony was admissible. and i would have appreciated for my client's sake the ability to present those to the commission. i object to the procedure of entertaining objections that were not raised by the sheriff without giving the mayor and opportunity to speak. thank you. chairperson hur: you have nothing with respect to mr. danielle? >> i am making a record of my objection to commission procedure on the last declaration. chairperson hur: i was asking for your response to the objections to mr. richard danielle. in response, before mr. keith gets up, to your point, we are trying to provide both parties the opportunity to give their views on the evidence. i think we did that. the objection that was sustained was the one that was put in on the papers, which was the irrelevance. i think you had
Jun 15, 2012 9:00pm EDT
ocean to a woman in the netherlands. danielle's story was not about a box set of greatest hits but a stage full of prancing men. >> they were strippers. >> coming up, a strip show that wasn't. >> i was speechless. what do you mean? >> when "the p p p p continues. [ male announcer ] this father's day, get a dewalt 18 volt cordless drill with 2 batteries and charger for just $99. ♪ or get dad a campbell hausfeld twinstack compressor, complete with nail gun and other handy accesessories for just $59. lowe's. never stop improving. ♪ ♪ [ male announcer ] you've been years in the making. and there are many years ahead. join the millions of members who've chosen an aarp medicare supplement insurance plan insured by unitedhealthcare insurance company. go long. lemon burst, blackberry harvest, pina colada... i can't imagine where she is... orange creme... [ grocery store pa ] clean up in aisle eight. found her! [ female announcer ] yoplait original. 25 flavors for you to love. put me at 5 timesd out my ] greater risk of a stroke, my first thoughts were about my wife, and my family. i ha
Jun 13, 2012 11:30am PDT
francisco state and i got to meet daniel when he came to my office looking for an internship and since i had been on the executive board of the living wage coalition, i recommended daniel and he already has done an excellent job there and his passion and his interest for workers rise and labor issues and help his students was so apparent, he even was able to start -- which is very difficult at san francisco tape. he went through the red tape, got me as an advisor. got off -- all his offices lined up. he's a very good leader and organizer, not to mention as a latino, a representation of our youth. i think we're craving for the diversity of different neighborhoods, particularly those of color. i have come today and written a letter of support for daniel that i'd like to submit. supervisor kim: actually, we got the letter already. thank you for submitting it. >> thank you. i just want to say i'm here to support him and i hope you select him. thank you. supervisor kim: thank you very much for being here. >> i'm glad that the young people are getting involved but this is also a lesson to th
Jun 3, 2012 10:00am EDT
eastern on c-span 2. >> next on american history tv, dani daniel shafr steen discusses the complexity of life. >> good evening, everyone. good to be back here. my home away from home. lovely new room. we're going to start -- what's the matter? [ laughter ] >> we're going to start by taking a little trip back in ti time. we're going to a day in april in 1922. on the mall in washington somewhere between 50,000 and 100,000 people have gathered for the dedication of the lincoln memorial. there are parades, survivors from the civil war, people drove, they walked. there was an air of festivity throughout the town. as you know at the time you may not know in this history, washington is itself also in addition to be in the seat of the country, washington is the seat of the black elite of america. the black people who served in reconstruction governments in the south were driven out after the collapse of reconstruction, and many of them retreated to washington, d.c. we have there a pbs pinch back of lieutenant-governor of louisiana who comes there, the gentleman who was the senator
Jun 3, 2012 11:30am EDT
an extra "meet the press" conversation. and this week i'm joined by daniel klaidman, "newsweek" correspondent, author of the new book "to kill or capture: the war on terror and the soul of the obama presidency." dan, it's great to have you. this is such an important book because of the news it breaks, number one, but also it's so revealing about the kind of wartime president barack obama wanted to be and felt he had to be. explain that. >> well, absolutely. and it's sort of a side of barack obama that we don't see very much. these national security issues are generally shrouded in secrecy. so it's really the first time that people get kind of a textured, you know, three-dimensional view of obama. and he's a complex character. you know, he does have this side to him that is very professorial and thoughtful that people generally know about. at the same time he can be extremely decisive and kind of almost brutally clinical about going after what he perceives to be enemies of the united states. >> and this is not -- if president bush took the country to war on a large scale in afgh
Jun 1, 2012 6:00pm PDT
- 31 :34 - :38 trt: 1:32 o.c. standard out si daniel gonzalez dejara la tableta ipad sin usar por un segundo, nos diria la gran ventaja que le ha dado esta nueva tecnologia. 13:38 daniel dice: "yo sacaba dos, pero ahora saco tres o 4s con mi ipad. " calificaciones suerpiores para el pequeÑo del quinto grado. en la esuela san antonio, cada alumno del cuarto y quinto grado usa un ipad. los grados menors usan el ipod touch. 13;23 daniel dice: me gust ala maquina porque me ayuda bien. yo nunca he tenido esto. me ayuda en muchas cosas." sot/21;53 y aprendiendo tanto, que hoy cu ---a nivel estatal, hay dos medidas importantes que estaran en la boleta de las elecciones del proximo martes 5 de junio y que usted tendr que aprobar o rechazar. ---jaime peluffo habl con una analista para explicar las propuestas 28 y 29.. el tiempo estara menos calido en el interior el sabado con temperaturas mas frescas en la costa y bahia un sistema frontal se acercara para comenzar la semana y veremos una leve posibilidad de lluvias ademas de un descenso en el mercurio cu - bump out ---vamos a anuncios pub
Jun 1, 2012 11:00pm PDT
si daniel gonzalez dejara la tableta ipad sin usar por un segundo, nos diria la gran ventaja que le ha dado esta nueva tecnologia. 13:38 daniel dice: "yo sacaba dos, pero ahora saco tres o 4s con mi ipad. " calificaciones suerpiores para el pequeÑo del quinto grado. en la esuela san antonio, cada alumno del cuarto y quinto grado usa un ipad. los grados menors usan el ipod touch. 13;23 daniel dice: me gust ala maquina porque me ayuda bien. yo nunca he tenido esto. me ayuda en muchas cosas." sot/21;53 y aprendiendo tanto, que hoy cu ---permitanos hacer una nueva pausa pero antes queremos hacerle una invitacion para que... take vo ---este domingo 3 de junio no se pierda nuestro programa "enfoque area de la bahia" en la que estaremos abordando temas politicos sobre las proximas elecciones en california y mexico y el analisis de una experta en politica mexicana... ---recuerde el domingo a las once y media de la manana... ---ya volvemos segment ends yv --son exticas pero estn de moda. --en "mujer de hoy", nadia torres nos habla de los accesorios de la temporada. take pkg nadia torres cu
Jun 23, 2012 4:30pm EDT
come to the fantastic and lurid story of daniel webster's alleged illegitimate son benjamin webster. according to an 1878 report in an atlanta paper called "the commercial daily," daniel webster claimed that daniel webster was his father, and his mother was charlotte gooding, one of john gadsby's servants. he was raised to work in the hotel and later given to john gadsby to be a body slave. he was sold to help settle a card game in which john gadsby lost $1,000 worth of gold. this demonstrates william gadsby's unscrupulousness and his willingness to sell people to pay debts, similar to what his father did. william's actions as a result help explain john gadsby's involvement in the slave trade prior to his arrival at decatur house. the million dollar question remains did the wails and cries of poor souls destined to be sold down south echo from the courtyard of decatur house. evidence lends itself to john gadsby and william gadsby selling slaves quietly out of their hotels, using them as a genteel facade as an ugly enterprise. evidence has not been found to suggest john gadsby was se
Jun 25, 2012 8:00am EDT
and how the u.s. state department keeps tabs on internet freedom. our guest is daniel baer, deputy assistant secretary of state for democracy, human rights and labor. >> host: well, this week on "the communicators," a look at internet freedom worldwide. the state department recently issued its annual human rights report, and joining us is daniel baer, deputy assistant secretary of state for democracy, human rights and labor. secretary baer, why is internet freedom include inside a human rights report? >> guest: well, i think one of the things that secretary clinton has, um, brought worldwide attention to, um, which was perhaps not actually new when she started, it was already a story that was unfolding, is that, you know, more and more we see that the story of human rights around the world is happening online or through new technologies broadly speaking. when we think about what most of us associate with human rights whether it's, you know, president roosevelt's for freedom speech or the universal declaration of human rights, the exercise of those rights whether it's freedom of exp
Jun 20, 2012 4:00am PDT
. soledad? >> ivan watson in cairo. thank you for that report. let's get right to daniel kurtzer, the former u.s. ambassador to egypt. when we hear reports and reporters saying that the gathering in the square is not because of mubarak and there is still conflicting information on whether he is dead or clinically dead or not dead. because of the movement as ivan reported by the military to minimize the power of the office of the presidency. are you seeing in some ways a repeat of last year? >> well, in some ways it's a culmination or a continuation of last year. i think mubarak's health is not a factor at all in the decision-making of the egyptian masses. but they are concerned, number one is the possibility that the election that they just went through may be stolen from them by fraud by either side, either the islamists or the military. and second, that the military may not respect the outcome of the elections and hold on to a certain amount of power, even after they are supposed to be a transition. >> if mubarak lives or dies or die imminently, will be a factor at all on any o
Jun 10, 2012 11:00pm PDT
. on top of that anywhere from 85-$375 per game. those prices are locked for five years. daniel villareal spoke with one season-ticket holder who said he was unsure if he could afford the tickets. >>daniel: to this season ticket holder is wondering if this will be his last season as a season-ticket holder. then i did not know the exact cost. >> of the cost for his mid- level season tickets will be more at this stadium. some the season-ticket holders are unsure if they will be able to afford them. and i've unexpected to be cheap. if there comes the dilemma. >> for him, it will spring good for his favorite football team. >> in terms of getting a new stadium you can possibly give better players. asti the benefit of a new stadium. i think it is overdue. also leasable down the line? that is exciting is. you may have to invest somewhere else scan maybe we for the warriors to come in the city. >>vicki: last miniver operations are under way for the 112th u.s. open at the olympic club. nearly a quarter of a million people are expected to be there. practice rounds begin tomorrow and the c
Jun 11, 2012 6:00am PDT
daniels who warned him he just can't run as the anti-obama and think he's going to win. >> i just hope he takes a page out of president reagan's playbook in 1980, where it was not only a referendum on the failed policies of president carter at the time, president reagan laid out a clear plan. >> the american people will demand to know something more. he better have an affirmative and construction message, one of hope. >> by the way, mitch daniels has been consistently critical of romney on this point for almost six months, folks. i think it's time to scratch mitch daniels off the vp list. >>> this morning another guy who took himself off of romney's vp list has done it again. former florida governor jeb bush said romney put himself in a box on immigration in the primaries. the question is "how you get out of it." folks, look at your twitter feed this morning with jeb bush, replace jeb with clinton. jeb bush not exactly on the romney talking points this morning. >>> if you didn't know who the commerce secretary is, you will after today. commerce secretary john bryson being investig
FOX News
Jun 10, 2012 7:00am PDT
indiana governor mitch daniels said there is a place for unions in the private sector but, organized labor in government should not mix. >> i think there is a fundamental problem with government becoming its own special interest group, forced dues, recycled into politics, to elect politicians in an unending circle and ultimately there is not really bargaining in those situations, because, government sits on both sides of the table. >> jamie: and joining me now as he does every sundays morning the anchor of fox news sunday, chris wallace. good to see you. >> good to be with you, jamie. >> jamie: does the governor make the case? >> well he certainly makes his case very strongly and i was surprised because, you know, he's been one of the guys long before scott walker took office, his first day in office, mitch daniels eliminated the collective bargaining rights for state workers and he has done a series of things since then and as he talked about it i said are you saying you don't think there should be public worker unions and he said that is exactly what i'm saying and, his basic point
Jun 26, 2012 7:00pm EDT
daniels. a fictional look at decaffeinated world of cable and is made its debut sunday night on hbo. the show marks his first starring role on a tv series. a conversation with actor jeff daniels coming up right now. >> every community has a martin luther king boulevard. it's the cornerstone we all know. it's not just a street or boulevard, but a place where walmart stands together with your community to make every day better. >> and by contributions to your pbs station from viewers like you. thank you. tavis: please welcome jeff daniels back to this program. he is starring in his first regular tv series role in the hbo drama, "the newsroom". some scenes from "the newsroom." >> you are smart, talented guy who is not very nice. >> you want me to like? >> you are terrified you'll lose your audience. you are one pitch away from doing the news in 3-d. >> i need something to sleep. >> why? >> i need to sleep. >> we are not talking about mackenzie. >> can you move your blackberry of the desk? >> i am taking your iq and talent and putting into some patriotic use. >> it is a just get over th
Jun 9, 2012 5:00pm EDT
way, and daniel knows that man. across town there is a guy named steven wahl. he's been working at the government printing office for all of his career. he's either retired or about to retire. he's lived in washington from the time that it was a haven for black people on to a time when it became completely hostile where they couldn't eat in restaurants, they couldn't stay in hotels, they were driven from government jobs. i can imagine why steven wahl might not have attended the celebration that day, because he had a bitter, bitter experience. he's been driven up out of his job three times by democratic administrations. so daniel, tell us about steven, what he might have been thinking that day, and the path it took it to that moment. >> it's very interesting. when steven wahl was living in georgetown in 1922, he was somebody who resembled less the -- or at least tried to resemble lest the people on the flat form that day, and more like archie bunker. when he was in georgetown, whenever an african-american would move on to his block, he would -- would move to a different neighborhood
Jun 20, 2012 3:00am PDT
. what a great day for mitch daniels in the state of indiana. going to be named the president of perdue university the boilermakers in west lafayette. this comes a couple of years after he gutted higher education funding in indiana. we will talk about that and more. now, it's time for current news update with jacki schechner. >> good morning, david. good morning, everybody. president obama is back in d.c. with a relatively quiet public schedule after spending a couple of days in mexico for the g20 summit. he comes back with a hope that unification will strengthen the euro. meanwhile, the president's reelection campaign has filed a complaint with the sec saying it wants crossroads gps to disclose it's donors the sister organization of the karl rove american cross records they spend to help $3 billion helping candidates. gps calls itself a social welfare organization and refuses to release names. the obama campaign's top lawyer says gps is really a political operation and shouldn't be able to hide funding. he said if the sec won't act, lawyers plan to take them to court. big bundle
Comedy Central
Jun 21, 2012 1:35am PDT
thinking outside the bun, they're thinking outside the periodic table. and my guest daniel klaidman has a new book about the secret war on terror. it takes ten years to read and half of it is blacked out. (laughter) a beverage company has developed a beer for dogs. great, now i need a new designated driver. (laughter) this is report report captioning sponsored by comedy central ( theme song playing ) ( cheers and applause ) (audience chanting "stephen"). >> stephen: welcome to "the "report", everybody, good to have you with us. welcome to our two of "the report". (laughter) nation... (laughter). kind of feels like it for those of them who are in the studio with me right now. folks, i don't have to tell you that illegal immigration is a problem in this country. because i can pay a mexican to tell you for me. (laughter) but this week a pew research study revealed the most shocking new threat to our pourous borders since the hispani-pult. (laughter) jimmy? let's frighten some people. >> asian americans now the fastest-growing race in the united states. asians overtook hispanics between 2000
Jun 14, 2012 5:30pm EDT
ttacher. keith daniels, fox 45 news at 5-30. the city's inspector general has launchee a preliminary investigation into, what the comptroller believes, ii the illleal purchase of thousandssof dollars of high-tech telephoness telephones. comptroller joan pratt yesterdays board f estimates meeting. she accused the mayor f by-passing the city's competitive bidding process in order to puuchase the phones. today, the mayor called &ppte alleeation...baseless.... 3 "certainly, its a disappointing comment. its disappointing. unffrttnate and untrue...." untrue...." this afternoon, the inspector general requested all invoices and documents relating to the purchase of the phones. there's no innication hhw long the probe will take. residents of harford county got a first hand look at the path of a new gas maii that pill in some cases be cutting across thier yards. yards.the main is eing proposed by coumbia eeergy as part of the... miles long gas pipeline that ill traverse hardford officials from the federal energy commission toured the areaawhere columbia says they wwnt to divert th
Jun 13, 2012 6:00pm PDT
los niÑos, y evitar que sucumban, estar informados es clave. >>> junto a sus padres, daniel llegaba a participar de una conferencia organizada por el programa caron, de la oficina del sheriff, el objetivo la prevenciÓn del uso de drogas por parte de los niÑos y jÓvenes. >>> daniel se recuperÓ, pero enfrentÓ Épocas difÍciles. >>> muchos de mis amigos no llegaron tocar fondo, simplemente murieron o estÁn en la cÁrcel. >>> espero que busquen ayuda con alguien. que se acerquen con lse alguien que no lo hace. >>> lo primero que tenemos que hacer es informarnos nosotros y poner al tanto a nuestros hijos, nosotros tenemos guvre apoyarlos a ellos. >>> es lo que hacÍan en esta jornada con un despliegue de estupefacientes. >>> si los padres ven como son las drogas podrÁn identificarla, es mucho lo que se puede aprender, el modo en lo que cosda las cosas, y manera de prevenir y detectar. >>> es un tema complejo, pero incluyen falta dae poya fay preste atenciÓn si tiene cambioso de comportamiento flasticos, aaconsejan reolos labos con la familia, escuchar a sus hijos. >>> nuestro de
Jun 4, 2012 12:00pm EDT
obama's campaign goes after mitt romney's record as massachusetts governor. i'm danielle nottingham at the white house. i'll have the story, coming up. >> we get some days that also aren't that great. we have a different alert when the weather is not so nice. super windy or not so rain. the weather really has the potential to change your plans we have 9 weather alerts on 9news now. >>> richard dawson is being remembered this afternoon. he started in seven 1960s television show like the dick van dyke show and hogan's heroes. he became famous in the 1970s as the emcee of the game show, family feud. he was 7 years old. >>> -- he was 79 79 years old. >>> governor scott walker is under fire after collective bargaining last year. the move made him a hero to the tea party and an enmy of unions. two-thirds of his money has come from out of state donors, who want walker's belt tightening phyllis if i to succeed. >>> we are turning our attention now to the presidential campaign trail where president obama and republican candidate mitt romney are raising money. danielle nottingham has the latest
Jun 30, 2012 1:30pm PDT
as many of your questions as possible. here to help me is my producer, danielle. >> thanks for having me. we've been getting so many questions in. one on the cnn blog is from a man married with children. he is currently on medicaid and wanted to know how will this decision affect my access to medicaid? >> you know, it's interesting. as part of this, as part of getting those 30 million people insured, they want to expand medicaid. what expanding medicaid means is they raise the level at which someone qualifies. it used to be a hundred percent of poverty level. now it's going to go up to 133% of poverty level so someone like this, i don't know his family situation, but if you're making $14,000 or less roughly he should be able to qualify for medicaid. in short the answer to the question is it shouldn't make a difference at all. he qualifies now he should still be able to qualify after it goes into effect. >> 14,000 for a single person or a family? >> that is for a single person. a family i think it's closer to 29,000 or 30,000. the numbers are going to change a little bit by the
Jun 4, 2012 4:00pm EDT
a toy was difficult for this young girl, who they named danielle. and danielle had lots of aspirations, but the parents wanted to figure out what they could do for her in her life. so as anybody does these days, right, they googled a solution. and they found a whole community out there of people who want wanted to support this young lady. but they found a group in particular, a group of leaders who wanted to investigate a process to help this little girl named danielle. so this group, they went out, and for six months investigated different options. they visited manufacturing plants, they went to craft stores. and after six months and about 180 hours of research and work, they developed a prosthetic hand made out of molding -- sort of, you know, things they could figure out how to use in a craft store and velcro, and they put it on her hand, and it worked. and for the first time, danielle was able to write her name. well, these amazing individuals are called the flying monkeys. the flying monkeys. really, truly. that's what their names are. it's a girl scout troop from aims
Jun 8, 2012 7:00pm EDT
officer daniel harmon-wright pleaded not guilty today to murder and three other related counts. he's can also granted a $1,000 bond and newly -- he's also granted a $1,000 bond and newly released court records show harmon-wright used unnecessary force on another family shortly before he shot and killed an unarmed woman. tonight only on 9 a young man talks about being threatened at gunpoint in his own home by is of harmon-wright. >> reporter: murder suspect and -- by officer harmon- wright. >> reporter: murder suspect and former culpeper police officer daniel harmon-wright turned his face to avoid cameras as he left the courthouse under heavy security. he's charged with murder in the debt of patricia cook who was unarmed sitting in her jeep in a catholic school parking lot february 29th. the first two shots at point blank range hit her but were not fatal says special prosecutor jim fisher. the other five shots were the ones that killed her as she drove away. >> the officer advanced his position into the roadway behind the vehicle firing back to front into the rear of the vehicle an ad
Jun 19, 2012 11:00pm EDT
of danielle mehlman. maids found her body in a room yesterday. she had been stabbed several times. sources say she was staying in the room with kumar. police found kumar's body in a hotel in new jersey. it's not clear yet how he died. this is the first murder in dewey beach since the town was incorporated in 1981. >> it was sad. our kids were here to see it and our daughter was crying. >> reporter: danielle had four-year-old son and was a teacher in philadelphia. >>> somebody shot a 15-year-old boy in howard county tonight and his neighbor found him lying outside in a field. it happened along frederick road. paramedics flew the teen to a shock trauma center where he is recovering. >>> there are conflicting reports from egypt that hosni mubarack is on his death bed. but military officials who are still ruling the country say that mubarack is on life support at this point. he is 84 years old and ruled egypt for 30 years. he was sentenced to life in prison for violent crackdown during the revolt that removed him from power. >>> this photograph is fueling speculation over what is bein
Search Results 0 to 49 of about 1,110 (some duplicates have been removed)